Hello Doctors. There Is a Loan Program for You.

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Hello Doctors,
Did you know you have a loan program specifically for you? If you are a doctor who sees patients this is the loan program for you. Not every bank or lenders offers it. Please make sure to email me directly yoori@yooripark.com to refer you to the right point of contact for your doctor loan.
– For a loan up to $1 million you will put 5% down. – The max loan amount will be $1.5 million, and you will put 10% down up to this amount. – Only for Condos and SFR. No multi-units/duplex. – Must be a doctor who sees patients. – No mortgage insurance for the loan. – If you are hired and have a later start date. You can send in an employment contract up to 90 days. They will give you a credit to get you into the home before your hired date.
Your Realtor, Yoori

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