About Yoori

Yoori graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree. She is strongly results-oriented and deeply values rapport with each and every one of her clients, successfully building on two decades of experience in both sales and customer service with multiple accolades.

Throughout her career, she has been consistently recognized for various awards. At a national bank, she quickly became the top teller in the district and second in the region. Her clients appreciated her no-nonsense approach as she tailored her recommendations unique to the individual and/or entity. Many years and career fields later, Yoori tried the luxury auto industry and once again was among the top three salespersons just within the first year and continued to remain among the top five. Her top scores, ratings, and reviews can all attest to her success, which she attributes to her own expertise and genuine care.

It is when she entered the real estate world that she realized her dream: to share her passion for architecture and design with others whilst creating, nurturing, and contributing to a greater community. As a child, she watched her family’s construction company build Hotel Nikko, a luxury hotel in Guam, among other major projects that piqued her interest even at a young age. Observing the family business has developed in her an acute sense for providing professional input from early on. Today, Yoori is confident in her functional and aesthetic assessment of homes and finding the perfect owner or family for them. She finds the greatest fulfillment when witnessing the joy of having made a significant step in one’s life, the sense of accomplishment, and the hopes of making the richest memories.

Additionally, Yoori’s specialized knowledge of the greater Los Angeles region has guided her experience in real estate development as well as design consultation, with specific appeal to the client’s sensibility. Yoori’s hard work is highlighted by her advanced social media know-how coupled with her extensive marketing background. But most importantly, she listens intently to deliver superior results and is always thinking multiple steps ahead, focused and ready to negotiate the best on behalf of the customer.

Whether a first purchase, selling your home, a subsequent one, or an investment, it is her great privilege to help in guiding and navigating the complex and oft emotional journey with 100% honesty, integrity, and due diligence guaranteed.Few fun/random facts about Yoori: Born and raised in Guam until 8 years old. Has done charitable work in both India and Kenya. In her spare time, can be found volunteering for organizations involving children, women, and animals. Stays physically active via boxing and yoga. As a classically trained pianist, loves to connect with the keys as well as sing. Once trained by a renowned vocal coach and has performed for a variety of events.